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A hub of powerfully useful and effective digital tools and online utilities for developers, designers, finance experts, project and product managers to make quality projects easily and quickly.

  • Gitignore

    Create .gitignore text files easily that help generate patterns for file and directory exclusions for projects using this free online tool.

  • Sorting Algorithms

    Illustrate effective data set sorting using different algorithms with this animated guide and tool.

  • Web Developer Checklist

    A checklist tool that provides a series of website launch steps, critical for a successful project including: best practices, security, tagging, analytics, and more.

  • JSON Formatter

    Format JSON code, validate it with regular expressions, and visualize the output for quick analysis and copy-pasting with this online tool.

  • HTML Arrows

    Comprehensive HTML symbol, ASCII, and Unicode reference tool for web design and formatting needs.

  • Subtle Patterns

    Download patterns for seamless backgrounds, compositions, design accents, and other digital design and creative projects, for free in one tool.

  • Color Blind Web Page Filter

    Identify how designs fare when compared to a series of colorblindness conditions, by comparing the original and a simulated view - in this free online resource.

  • CSS Sprites Generator

    Generate CSS sprites that aid in speedy and highly performing design elements for websites and interactive components, reducing the number of images to a single one and using a technique to create the desired effect.

  • Mergewords

    Versatile word merging tool that can be used for almost anything. Popular uses include: SEO research, domaining, link building, and adwords campaign development.

Professional Resources

Find job and role-based resources including job descriptions, interview questions, hiring guides and more - for engineering, design, finance, product and project management.

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